You Cannot Improve What You Cannot See.

It is common wisdom that you cannot improve what you cannot measure.  Well, we also believe you cannot improve what you cannot see.  Modern supply chains are complex and global.  Sourcemap is dedicated to enabling your business to easily capture millions of supply chain data points, apply critical metrics and view this data in new and innovative ways. Specifically, as visualizations which quickly surface risk, challenges and opportunities as actionable insights about your supply chain.

Serious Technology for Serious Supply Chain Managers.

Sourcemap was born as a research project at the MIT Media Lab to publish and measure the environmental footprint of all the products on earth. The first platform was launched in 2009 and was instantly recognized for its novel supply chain mapping approach: for the first time individuals could see every aspect in the life of products, the good and the bad.

Enterprise Ready Technology and Infrastructure.

Sourcemap was built from the ground up to satisfy the security, availability and integrity needs of global enterprise customers.  Our hardened data centers and commitment to security best practices (SOC compliance) ensures that your stringent compliance standards will be met and that Sourcemap capabilities can be quickly adopted.   We also have exposed our services as API’s which can be used to automate many data exchange processes and integrate Sourcemap visualization within other corporate platforms.

A Deep Understanding of the Challenges of Global Supply Chains.

Recently, our team travelled to cocoa fields in Indonesia to deploy mobile survey tools to hundreds of field workers for one of our large customers.  We are on the ground with our customers helping create some of the strongest supply chains across multiple industries in technology, healthcare, food and pharma.

And Always on The Move.

We are vocal advocates of global transparency in supply chain operations and the power inside some of the most ambitious supply chain automation projects in the world.   This year we are launching as a re-vamped version of our powerful free supply chain mapping and traceability platform - stay tuned for more.