Since 2008, we have worked with the world's leading manufacturers and brands to make supply chain transparency possible.

Sourcemap started as a MIT Media Lab research project to map all of the supply chains in the world.

When the Tōhoku tsunami of 2011 devastated supply chains worldwide, Sourcemap Inc. was incorporated to solve the imminent needs of manufacturers who had lost visibility of their indirect (second- and third-tier) suppliers. Over the coming years we worked with our customers to build the world's first supply chain mapping platform, combining cutting-edge technology and research with customized solutions that meet the needs of each customer. 

Starting on day one we have built Sourcemap in response to our customers' needs: whether it was for promoting local food businesses in Scotland and Massachusetts, planning for business continuity at Procter & Gamble, mapping certified cocoa farms for Mars Chocolate or foot-printing thousands of apparel factories worldwide through the new Higg 3.0 platform.

We continue to stay ahead of the curve, in both technology and user-centered design approach. We bring a unique set of values to every customer.

Our Values

  • Independence. As a self-funded startup, Sourcemap can afford to develop solutions ahead of the market's demand and work with cutting-edge customers to get them deployed years before anyone else.
  • Software Only. We believe that impartiality is essential to providing true supply chain visibility, and that good software replaces the need for expensive consulting. While we partner with the world's leading standard-setting and verification providers, we let our customers choose the providers best-suited to the job (and we can also develop new standards that are years ahead of the pack).

  • Design Focus. Sourcemap was founded by and continues to be run by a designer, and our software has won numerous awards for its innovative visualizations and interfaces. What does that mean? Simply, our software is so easy to use that CEO's and smallholder farmers can quickly and intuitively jump in at opposite ends of the same software.
  • Customization. You can't map all the world's supply chains without thinking holistically, and that's what our technology stack is uniquely tailored to do. We can map any number of supply chain tiers across any industry because our software is flexible enough to handle data collection and modeling for any operations, risk, compliance and sustainability data, and we work closely with customers to add features as needed to give them a competitive edge.
  • Future-Proof. Sourcemap's technology stack is continuously reinvented and refreshed ahead of new standards for performance and security so that our customers never have to worry about what the future of technology brings.
  • Ethical. We believe that mutually beneficial relationships make supply chains transparent and sustainable, and we practice what we preach: we treat our customers with the same respect and honesty as we treat our employees and our suppliers, and we  strive to make sure that mutual respect is carried through every supply chain we work on.