More than 2,000 factories have already registered for the new, Sourcemap-powered #HiggIndex platform!


We're proud to announce that more than 2,000 facilities have already registered for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's brand new Facility Environmental Module (FEM).

It's only been two months since Sourcemap launched a completely re-engineered

From the SAC:

The Higg FEM, optimized for use at an industrial scale, enables factories of any size, anywhere in the world, to assess sustainability performance and easily share results with supply chain partners.

The new is a powerful, scalable platform built on Sourcemap Enterprise software. It features a powerful, incredible fast user interface on elastic Amazon Web Services hosting with a slew of features to ensure universal access including with support for multiple languages and intelligent questionnaires that adapt to the needs of suppliers based on their industry and performance. We are well on our way to supporting the SAC's goal of targeting 20,000 facilities in 2018! 

Public registration is available at and a full guide is posted at

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