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Does your ERP contain accurate supplier location data? Not just the billing addresses, but the actual 'Where-Made' locations? In many cases this is not true. Without geo-visualization it is likely that supplier locations are inaccurate or unknown. And without these locations it's impossible to know if you are truly single-sourcing, or if you've effectively distributed your risk by multi-sourcing raw materials. Sourcemap is the inventor of online supply chain mapping, meaning it's the easiest and most powerful way to automatically geo-visualize your supply chain.

Supply Network Optimization

When dealing with hundreds or thousands of suppliers, every purchasing decision should be made in the context of its impact on total supply chain cost and lead time. Our SNO modeling tools make it possible to calculate the overall lead time, cost-to-serve and service level of any supply chain - no matter how many tiers, how many nodes, and how many products.

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Predictive Analytics

Mapping supply chains isn't only for historic data: you can easily clone and modify the existing supply network in Sourcemap to plan for and optimize future scenarios. Simply upload the supply network, clone it and apply any changes you would like - from new products and customers to new distribution centers and suppliers. Then site back as the software calculates lead times, costs and service levels, and compare the scenarios side-by-side.

Risk Exposure Calculation

Sourcemap got its legs working with two CPG heavyweights and MIT from 2011-2013. The goal was to automatically visualize the supply chain from SAP data and compute the risk exposure of each supplier, each shipping lane, and each distribution center in the network - automatically and in real time. You can read about the results of the project at the Wall Street Journal here.

Managed Services

Sourcemap offers dedicated hosting environments for companies with the most stringent security requirements. Managed services clients have a physically separate hosting environment, real-time data synchronization with enterprise databases, uptime and service guarantees, audited security processes and procedures, and customization options including white-labeling.