What companies use Sourcemap?

Sourcemap works with major brands in retail, manufacturing, life sciences, food & beverage, consumer and household goods. If you have a supply chain, Sourcemap for Enterprise will make it easier to see your business at a glance and make decisions that reduce risk and save time and money. Learn about our work with companies in the Clients dropdown at the top of the page and the Clients section of our blog.

What is included in Sourcemap for Enterprise?

Sourcemap for Enterprise builds on our  experience developing supply chain visualizations with a secure, private version of our software optimized for large organizations. Sourcemap for Enterprise is available as a private, semi-public or public platform with custom group and user role management. In addition to supply chain mapping, Sourcemap for Enterprise includes solutions for supplier collaboration, compliance, traceability, real-time monitoring, and decision-making.

Where is Sourcemap hosted?

Sourcemap is cloud-hosted through encrypted connections on dedicated servers. Our subscription guarantees service, support, uptime and best-in-class security. We track every change and back up continuously ensuring your data is never lost.

How is Sourcemap for Enterprise different?

Sourcemap has two offerings: Sourcemap for Enterprise, a powerful software-as-a-service for organizations to map their supply chains; and Open Sourcemap, an open platform for anyone to publish supply chain maps to the web. Visit Open Sourcemap to begin mapping.

How much does Sourcemap for Enterprise cost?

Sourcemap for Enterprise is available as a software subscription tailored to your organization. Request a demonstration and Q&A for your organization and we'll put together a personalized proposal.

Sourcemap for students and researchers

Sourcemap for Enterprise is available to academic institutions on a subscription basis. Students and researchers can also use Open Sourcemap for free at open.sourcemap.com [LINK]. Stay tuned for updates on a future version of Sourcemap for Enterprise tailored to academic institutions.