supply chain mapping
for Food & Agriculture


Distribution Planning

Companies have only so many choices of how to get goods to market. The problem is evaluating every cost when comparing choices. Our supply chain planning and optimization tools allow you to compare multiple scenarios side-by-side and optimize for cost, lead time, and service level.

Monitoring and Evaluation

How do you know whether farm-level projects are delivering promised results? Monitoring and evaluation is a data-driven approach to determining the ROI from development projects. At Sourcemap we employ the most secure mobile-based techniques to collect data in the field and upload it to secure servers where it can be analyzed and performance compared against targets. Global teams share central data repositories and KPI dashboards. Data is fast, accurate and verifiable. We are powering the next generation of monitoring and evaluation for industries ranging from cotton, cocoa and coffee to apparel and mining. 

Supplier Benchmarking

Keeping track of a global agricultural supply chain means dealing with dozens of suppliers operating in many more countries. Sourcemap developed the supplier benchmarking approach used by one of the largest agricultural supply chains in the world. Brands send online surveys to obtain information on countries-of-origin, farmer training and certifications. The results are automatically tallied and presented as rich benchmarking dashboards, providing all participants with useful information to plan for ongoing improvement.


Ensuring quality food means tracing ingredients from farm to table. Sourcemap supports item-level traceability through mobile app-enabled transaction and shipment tracking. The real-time results are available through an online dashboard with access available to all supply chain stakeholders. Mass-balanced and blended product is tracked through transformation processes. Conversion factors can be used to verify whether producers are likely to have adulterated products.

Supply Chain Transparency

Stonyfield Farm is a big believer in product transparency, and has been working with Sourcemap to map their ingredients supply chain since 2010 (when we were still a research project at MIT!) Last summer we visited with Wood Turner, VP of Sustainability Innovation, and Derek Singer, Ingredients Supply Manager, to hear about how they've gone about creating the Stonyfield Sourcemap. Watch the video to hear them explain their transparency mission and see how supply chain mapping brought them closer to their customers and their suppliers.