To explore the supply chains on Open Sourcemap, search for a keyword or scroll through our Featured, Latest or Industry categories on the homepage.   When you're viewing a map you can also view related maps through the “Related” tab at the bottom of each map.



Step 1: To map your own supply chain maps, click register on the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Choose to register as a company or an individual and fill out the required information.


Step 3: Edit your profile.

           -Verify your email address

           -Add a photo/logo, etc.

Step 4: Create a supply chain by clicking the “Map a New Supply Chain” button.

Step 5: To create a supply chain map, provide a name, description and industry.

Step 6: To start a step by step supply chain mapping tutorial, click “Take a Tour” in the “Add a Point” window.  The tour will walk you through the process of creating a points and links.

Step 7: To create a point, select the type of point you’d like to add from the options in the “Add a Point” window.  If the “Add a Point” window disappears, click the i button in navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

Step 8: Fill in the point information:

-Who: The name of the supplier, processor, manufacturer, distributor, retailer.

-What: The name of the part, thing, finished good, etc.

-Where: The address, which can be a country name, city name, or street address.

Step 9: Add information to a point by clicking on it.  You can add photos, YouTube videos and descriptions.

Step 10: As soon as you have more than one point, you can link them by using the "Connect Point" button at the top of the point window. Just click the "Connect Point" button and then select the point that you want to connect to. 

Step 11: Links can also have photos, YouTube videos and descriptions.  Just click any link to add or change link information.

Step 12: Explore the map options below to learn how to:

-Change the map description

-Change the map layer

-Move or minimize the "Add a Point" window

-View your profile and other supply chain maps

Step 13: To apply for official account status, click "Apply Here" at the bottom of the info pane in your profile page.

Step 14: If you receive official status, you can add a custom banner image and color from your profile page. 

Have more questions? Email info@sourcemap.com.