How Local is Your Beer? New York State and the USDA Join Forces to Revitalize the Small Grains Supply Chain

Finding "Made in New York" beer is about to get a lot easier thanks to Source NY, an online platform to connect farmers, craft beverage producers and other industry service providers across the state. The platform was conceived to support Gov. Cuomo's Farm Breweries legislation, which makes it easier for small breweries to get licensed so long as they source 20% of their ingredients from within New York State by 2020, and 90% by 2024. There are now more than 100 farm breweries in operation, and soon demand for New York-grown inputs such as hops and malted barley is projected to outstrip supply.

The project, which will launch in 2016, is funded by grants from the Empire State Development Corporation and the USDA. The Carey Institute for Global Good, a non-profit dedicated to “making a better world by contributing to a strong, educated and just society,” selected Sourcemap to develop the platform based on their innovative supply chain mapping software.

“The Farm Brewery legislation provides an excellent opportunity to revitalize small grains and hops production in New York State. However, in order to capitalize on this new market, farmers and craft beverage professionals need to be able to find each other,” said Rebecca Platel, Sustainable Communities program manager at the Carey Institute.  “Source NY will be designed to help the industry build and maintain local supply chains for crops and services, and we are thrilled that ESD and USDA saw that value in the project.”

To learn more about Source NY visit Carey Institute and Sourcemap. And if you're a Farm Brewery, a grains grower, a malthouse, or any other service provider for brewing industry in New York State you can join Source NY here.