Sourcemap 2019 Summer Reading List

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In a world with supply chains as complex as these, it can be hard to stay up-to-date on the latest news. We’ve got your back. Before leaving for summer vacation be sure to read up on this year's most popular articles on supply chain mapping, traceability and transparency:

Fashion Transparency How-To

Learn how cutting-edge companies are automating the process of radical transparency to answer consumer and regulators calls for increased accountability in the apparel and footwear industry. >

End-to-End Supply Chain Visualization

Most companies lack visibility into where all their materials come from, and this lack of visibility leaves rooms for a multitude of issues throughout both large and small supply chains. Here’s a classic white paper on how companies can start to manage their indirect supply chain through modern visualization. >

Smallholder Traceability

The new frontier in traceability is connecting nearly one billion smallholders with international markets through advanced accounting. Download this white paper to see how traceability is already a reality for more than 200,000 smallholders thanks to our software and design services. >

What is the difference between supply chain mapping, traceability and transparency?

Our most popular blog post so far this year - a must-read for all transparency fans. Get the facts straight on the lingo revolving around global supply chain accountability. >

If you breeze through all these, check out even more at our blog.