Can the Fashion Industry Become Transparent? Live Chat [The Guardian]

One year after Rana Plaza the Guardian's Sustainable Fashion blog convened a panel of experts on the future of transparency in the fashion industry:

Carry Somers, founder of Pachacuti and Fashion Revolution Day.

Leonardo Bonanni, founder and CEO of Sourcemap.

Amisha Ghadiali, co-founder of Provenance.

Sass Brown, author of Eco Fashion and ReFashioned, educator and researcher.

Barbara Crowther, director of policy and public affairs, Fairtrade Foundation.

Bruno Pieters, designer and founder of Honest By.

Katharine Hamnett, fashion designer.

An excerpt from the introduction:

Carry Somers, founder of Fashion Revolution Day, cites a recent Australian Fashion Report that found that 61% of brands didn't know where their garments were made, while 93% had no understanding of where their raw materials came from. In a recent online live chat, experts in sustainable fashion discussed steps we can take to ensure that brands can identify the people and resources behind their products. 

Read the rest of the article and follow the live chat here.