Where do the 300+ parts of your mobile phone come from? [Video]

People have a right to know where things come from and what they're made of. That's why Fairphone, the mission-driven electronics company, is revealing the supply chain behind its next-generation Android phone. Founded in 2013 to bring awareness to conflict minerals in consumer products, Fairphone is a leader in supply chain sustainability: you can already read about their efforts to source conflict-free metals and ensure fair working conditions. Now Fairphone is joining forces with Sourcemap, the supply chain mapping company, so that consumers can see who makes the 300+ parts that go into their phones.  It's the first smartphone aimed at opening up its supply chain and connecting consumers with the people who make their products.

Explore the Fairphone 2 to see the interactive supply chain map and stay tuned for news and updates on Fairphone and Sourcemap on the Supply Chain Mapping Blog.