Sourcemap Offers Solution to National Security Risk of IT Supply Chain

Sourcemap CEO Leonardo Bonanni is interviewed by Elise Ackerman on the topic of supply chain mapping, traceability, and its applications to national security. The introduction is pasted below; read the rest of this article on

About ten days ago, the U.S. General Accountability Office published a report warning that lack of knowledge about the supply chain for information technology was putting government agencies—and national security—at risk.

Supply chain transparency isn’t new. Environmentalists and advocates for sustainability and social justice have been arguing for years that we need to know more about where products come from. They’ve written countless articles and reports and proposed numerous solutions.

One of the most innovative proposals comes from a graduate school project turned startup., which was born in MIT’s MediaLab, began building a a public repository of supply chain data in 2007 and recently launched as a full-blown company.

I reached out to its co-founder Leo Bonanni to ask about the GAO report and find out if there was anything that government agencies could do to learn more out where their laptops, routers, servers and other equipment is manufactured.