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Mapping Supply Chains 101

Welcome to Open Sourcemap. To begin with, you'll need to register an account. 



Click Register on the top right corner of the page.






Register as a company or an individual:

  • Companies have additional information to contribute, such as employer and employer address, so that other business can find them on the website









Create your profile. Once you have completed your profile, check your email for a verification message. Your account is not active until you verify your email.








This is what you will see on your profile page in case you have not yet verified your email address.


Supply Chain Mapping




To create a new supply chain map, go to your profile and click the “Map a New Supply Chain” button on your profile page










Provide a name, description and select an industry. These will be used to help visitors to Open Sourcemap find your supply chain map.






Interactive Tutorial





When you create a supply chain map, an empty map will load with the 'Add a Point' window open. Click “Take a Tour” in the “Add a Point” window for a step-by-step tutorial.








Add a Point


A point on a map represents a location where materials are sourced (such as a farm or a mine), a location where materials are processed (such as a refinery or a mill), a location where products are manufactured (such as a workshop or a factory), a location where products are distributed (such as a warehouse or a distribution center, a location where products are sold (such as a retailer or a market), or a location where a product ends up (such as a customer or a landfill). 

To add a point, select the type of point you’d like to add from the options in the “Add a Point” window.  If the “Add a Point” window disappears, click the "i" button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the map page.

The following information is required to add a point:

-Who: The name of the supplier, processor, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, customer

-What: The name of the part, thing, finished good, etc.

-Where: The address, which can be a country name, city name, or street address.


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Adding Descriptions, Photos and Videos

Add photos, videos and descriptions by clicking on the pencil icon next to those sections of the pane and selecting 'SAVE" when finished.

NOTE: Only Youtube links are supported for videos

NEW: You can format text using markdown code. Below are some samples.


# H1
## H2
### H3
#### H4
##### H5
###### H6


Emphasis, aka italics, with *asterisks* or _underscores_.
Strong emphasis, aka bold, with **asterisks** or __underscores__.
Combined emphasis with **asterisks and _underscores_**.
Strikethrough uses two tildes. ~~Scratch this.~~


[I'm an inline-style link](
[I'm an inline-style link with title]( "Google's Homepage")
[I'm a reference-style link][Arbitrary case-insensitive reference text]
[I'm a relative reference to a repository file](../blob/master/LICENSE)
[You can use numbers for reference-style link definitions][1]
Or leave it empty and use the [link text itself]


For a complete guide to markdown visit



Connecting Points with Lines to Add Shipping Lanes

As soon as you have more than one point, you can link them by using the "Connect Point" button at the top of the point window. Just click the "Connect Point" button and then select the point that you want to connect to. 



Map Options

To change the map background clicks on the layer button on the zoom bar at the bottom of any map.







NEW: You can set a map to zoom into one or more points on initial load by selecting the star next to the point name

NEW: You can hide the satellite preview in the pane by clicking 'Hide Preview'


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Official Accounts

Official accounts are reserved for users who are depicting an accurate map of a supply chain, either because they represent a company or another stakeholder with direct knowledge of the supply chain. Official accounts are featured on the home page, they bear the organization's logo and banner image, and can include an Instagram feed.

To apply for official account status, visit this page:

Official account holders can add a custom banner image and color on the profile page.

Questions? Email