A truly elegant, aesthetic – and inspirational – set of capabilities
— Spendmatters

Made for S&OP 

Sourcemap has the only visualization software designed specifically for supply chains. It works out of the box to visualize massive spreadsheets in seconds, or it can be configured to import data from SAP/Oracle to give a real-time view of inventory and performance.


Automatically geo-code thousands of supply chains nodes using parallel processing and visualize against a variety of heat maps and geographic base layers.

Network Modeling

Quickly identify bottlenecks and sole-sourcing thanks to a proprietary network visualization. Click on any node to trace chain of custody; collapse by shipping lane or explode to see each and every transaction visualized. Unlimited tiers, unlimited nodes, custom names and colors.

Network Visualization.png

Metrics and Filters

Upload custom metrics and search terms for advanced pivot and search in real time. Configure the metrics to be visualized by color or by size, reflecting the max/min/average or sum of a cluster. Export search results in Excel or grab high-resolution screenshots for board-ready visualizations.

Inventory Mapping on Sourcemap.jpg

A very powerful tool for supply chain risk managers, especially if your goal is to go into the board room and very quickly show senior management an end-to-end view of your whole company and then bring attention to those nodes and links that are at most risk
— Bruce Arntzen, Director, MIT Supply Chain Masters Program