Supply Chain Mapping for Pharma & Life Sciences

In a tough, regulated environment supply chain mapping is a necessity. Imagine having all of your historic shipments - inbound and outbound - accessible to your team at a moment's notice. Search through keywords and advanced filters to follow the volume of raw materials purchased, drug substances and products manufactured, and finished goods delivered to customers. Produce stunning visual reports suitable for printing and including in presentations.

Service-Product Modeling for Authorized Networks

The key technology underlying Sourcemap is a network model that stores information about which products flow through which sites, so that you can instantly search for an individual batch, a SKU or an entire product family and see the upstream and downstream dependencies on one screen. You can achieve a complete service modeling by uploading your shipment histories and purchase orders. Go one step further and include inventory to see how much is being held at every site.

Planning for Growth

If you are going through mergers & acquisitions, launching new products or planning to reach new customers with existing products, you need a way to model the supply chain of tomorrow. Sourcemap lets you modify your current network any way you need: add customers, add distribution centers, add manufacturing and supply site. Compare the results against total cost, lead time, inventory and service level. Never make a supply chain decision without visibility into how it will affect the overall.

Planning Supply Chains for Clinical Trials

The no-mans-land of life sciences supply chains is clinical trials. How closely are you managing the cost of manufacturing and distributing clinical product? Chances are you could be saving significantly on the cost of manufacturing, distributing and keeping customers supplied.

Managed Services

Sourcemap offers dedicated hosting environments for companies with the most stringent security requirements. Managed services clients have a physically separate hosting environment, real-time data synchronization with enterprise databases, uptime and service guarantees, audited security processes and procedures, and customization options including white-labeling.