What Supply Chain Transparency Really Means

AUG.20.2019 – Less clear, however, is how to define transparency in a supply chain context and the extent to which companies should pursue it: an MIT study that mapped definitions of supply chain transparency related to labor practices in the apparel industry found vastly differing definitions across organizations.

Was Your Chocolate Bar Produced with Child Labour? A New Supply Chain Tracking Tool Aims To Find Out

AUG.19.2019 – Major cocoa companies use a few different methods to find out how the beans they put on store shelves were grown, picked, traded and processed. Audits and monitoring are one approach. Certification is another. Still another is legislation. So far, the system isn’t working.


JUL.26.2019 – On the platform today, 250,000 cocoa farms are mapped and traceable and thousands are being added each month for clients like Hershey and Mars. Sourcemap is working on a 100% traceable supply chain, including non-certified cocoa, by 2025—the first time non-certified cocoa has been mapped at scale and an important first step.

Mapping supply chains from farm to consumer

MAY.10.2019 – The cocoa supply chain is lengthy, complex and hard to accurately monitor. Traceability has long been an issue, but a company that started as a research project at MIT has a tool that can help. Read about Sourcemap's mission to make cocoa traceable from farm to factory in Coffee & Cocoa International

Investing in a Sustainable Supply Chain Now Could Save Brands’ Future

FEB.28.2019 – The shopping habits of millennials and Gen Z have changed the way brands sell their products; experiences, e-commerce pop-ups and personalization are dominating retail. But these consumers also value sustainability and ethical business practices, which many brands have been slower to address at the risk of lowering margins.


FEB.01.2019 – Through data-mapping technologies such as Sourcemap, apparel companies can more easily find factories that use suppliers advocating for higher ethical and environmental standards and are certified as Fair Trade, organic, Better Cotton Initiative, OEKO-TEX, Responsible Down Standard, Responsible Wool Standard and more.

This Entrepreneur is Challenging Us To Buy The Change We Want To See In The World

JAN.27.2019 – “SourceMap also lets you follow the journey of products from some of the biggest brands in the world, like Vans and Jansport.” Jane Mosbacher Morris, entrepreneur and author of Buy The Change: Use Your Purchasing Power To Make The World A Better Place, shares how to make more informed decisions about where we spend in her new book.


NOV.28.2018 – The 2019 State of Fashion Report highlights the best practices apparel companies can adopt from other industries to advance the state of trust across the supply chain, according to Sourcemap CEO Leonardo Bonanni.

See No Evil

APR.0.2018 – We call them “supply chains,” but that image is misleading. They really look more like a network of waterways, with thousands of tiny tributaries made up of sub-suppliers trickling into larger rivers of assembly, production, and distribution. Software helps companies coordinate the supply chains that sustain global capitalism. How does the code work—and what does it conceal?

this tech startup could revolutionize the fashion industry with its latest project

MAR.30.2018 – The goal is to make it as simple as possible to collect data from factories on the ground, and then allow apparel brands and other stakeholders to gain access to it through an easy to use mapping platform.


MAR.28.2018 – The Sourcemap platform organizes and visualizes all data necessary to understand and present verified smallholders, mills and other actors. Integrated systems establish the relationships and transactions between these people and places, and the resulting visualization and data analysis shows the activity of smallholders and estates.


JAN.25.2018 – Sourcemap, an open source network of supply chain information that has provided maps for the likes of Mars, Eileen Fisher and Stonyfield Farm, with Provenance, […] is working on a variety of applications for tracing items across a supply chain and verifying certain data.

Mapping the Fashion World

DEC.31.2017 – If there is one takeaway lesson from the successive moments of crisis into which the fashion industry has plunged in recent years, it is that participants in the apparel sector can no longer, in good conscience, increase their frequency of production and output without ensuring that they are doing so responsibly. Dr Leonardo Bonanni set out to bring clarity to supply chains, and the unique inventions that resulted have proved that transparency, sustainability and traceability can be fashionable.

Will Blockchain Unchain The World?

NOV.16.2017 – How was that shirt in fact made? Was this salmon in fact 'sustainably raised'? These grapes 'organic'? Sourcemap and Provenance are two companies to keep an eye on as we seek to bring supply chains to account.

New apps to keep tabs on the factory floor

OCT.20.2017 – What technology is available to help fashion brands identify social and environmental risks deep in their supply chain? Sourcemap’s software relies on a cascading supplier survey system, matched with field validation through its use of enterprise social networks, which are capable of accurately capturing data from large, convoluted supplier networks.


MAR.23.2016 – Supply chains are surprisingly complex systems of organizations, people, and resources that transform raw materials into finished consumer products. Major supply chains, such as those for mobile phones, can sometimes include hundreds or thousands of direct and indirect suppliers of hardware, components, parts, and software.

Mapping the World’s Supply Chains […]

JUL.20.2015 – Sourcemap, helps clients visually map the supply chain route, from raw materials to end-users, providing unique and important visibility. Companies like Stonyfield, Mars Chocolate, Fairphone, and Office Depot can see risks and disruptions in the supply chain in real time, act responsibly, promote sustainability, and please consumers who are increasingly curious and conscientious about materials sourcing.

Stonyfield Creates An Interactive Sourcing Map for Its Yogurt Ingredients

JUN.13.2014 – After Leonardo Bonanni first announced Sourcemap in 2011, people and companies uploaded thousands of convoluted maps that revealed just how far product ingredients often have to travel. This week, Stonyfield–a well-known producer of organic yogurt–worked with Sourcemap to create a customer-friendly supply chain map of its ingredients.

Q&A, Leonardo Bonanni, CEO, Sourcemap

DEC.11.2013 – Leonardo Bonanni, CEO of Massachusetts-based tech company Sourcemap, talks to Risk & Compliance Journal about how his company is employing social media to help companies map out their supply chains and better prepare for possible disruptions to their networks.

What Happens When Everyone Makes Maps?

JUL.16.2013 – Online mapping platforms are opening the world of geographic information to everyone, enabling very powerful forms of crowdsourcing to expand collective intelligence.

Sourcemap: Slick App For Tracking the Supply Chain for Your Laptop (or Tuna or Nutella)

MAY.03.2012 – Sourcemap, which has its origins in MIT Media Lab, is a new open source website for mapping global supply chains and carbon footprints. There are also Maps for Chicken of the Sea’s tuna and Nutella among others.

Sourcemap, an MIT-Incubated Startup, Offers Solution to National Security Risk Posed by IT Supply Chain

APR.04.2012 – Supply chain transparency isn’t new. Environmentalists and advocates for sustainability and social justice have been arguing for years that we need to know more about where products come from. One of the most innovative proposals comes from a graduate school project turned startup.