The Responsible Cocoa Platform: a Breakthrough in Smallholder Sustainability

For the first time brands can stay ahead of mounting compliance and sustainability standards in the smallholder-dominated cocoa industry. Sourcemap’s new Responsible Cocoa Platform (RCP) is propelling the industry forward by offering a secure and scalable tool that takes advantage of automated workflows for ongoing data collection, real-time satellite monitoring, and verification through farm-to-factory traceability. The RCP builds on ten years of R&D dedicated to building dynamic and intuitive software for monitoring and evaluation and product traceability in smallholder cocoa communities.


Time for Transparency in the Beauty Industry

We expect the products that make us feel good to be good: good for our bodies, our communities, the environment. And brands that demonstrate their products are good stand to gain market share from the next generation of conscious consumers. But it’s not enough to claim that products are safe and sustainable: brands and manufacturers need to prove it. That means going beyond business-as- usual and engaging with suppliers to ensure standards are being met.

Implementing Transparency and Traceability in Smallholder Supply Chains

Ensuring responsible sourcing means tracing raw materials to the origin - a tall order for those crops grown by more than 570 million smallholders worldwide. Enter novel applications of user-centered design and the uniquely scalable Sourcemap platform. Download this white paper to see how traceability is already a reality for more than 200,000 smallholders thanks to our software and design services.



Sub-Supplier Mapping: Tracing Products to the Source with a Supply Chain Social Network

More than half of supply chain risk lies beyond first-tier suppliers. Companies need to see beyond the first-tier to identify risks, consolidate purchasing, and meet new standards of social and environmental compliance. Traditional approaches of emailing spreadsheet questionnaires or inviting suppliers onto an intranet are time-consuming and error-prone.  Enterprise social networks are capable of accurately capturing data from large, convoluted supplier networks, and making sense of the results to drive powerful supplier benchmarking and strategic decision-making.


End-to-End Supply Chain Visualization

Most companies lack visibility into their supply chains, and this lack of visibility has clear implications for effective decision making, risk planning, regulatory compliance, planning and optimization.  This white paper describes how some of the largest biotechnology, pharmaceutical and apparel companies have improved their operations through visualization, with important benefits including:

  • Data auditing and verification

  • Risk and compliance

  • End-to-end traceability

  • Optimization and planning