EPEAT Registry Launches!

We're proud to announce the launch of a brand-new registry for the Green Electronics Council's EPEAT Eco-Label! The server category launched August 30th; but servers are only the beginning: get ready to see mobile phones, monitors, TV's and more. The registry is only the tip of the iceberg: powering EPEAT is a purpose-built platform to capture, verify, and publish detailed information on every product everything in here - all powered by Sourcemap. Check it out on

Green Electronics Council Partners with Sourcemap on Next-Gen IT Ecolabel

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The Green Electronics Council (GEC) has selected Sourcemap to modernize its flagship program, the EPEAT Registry.

The EPEAT Registry is a website used by large-scale purchasers globally to identify credible, cost-effective and innovative IT products. Sourcemap will redesign the site from the ground-up, improving purchasers’ ability to identify sustainable IT products by specific environmental and social criteria. The major IT brands whose products are featured on the EPEAT Registry will experience a more intuitive interface, making it easier for them to register and market their products that meet EPEAT criteria.

National governments, including the United States, and thousands of private and public institutional purchasers use EPEAT’s independent verification of manufacturers’ claims to inform their sustainable procurement decisions. Through its partnership with Sourcemap, GEC hopes to one-day allow EPEAT to verify entire supply chains, including suppliers and sub-components.

Redesigning the EPEAT Registry continues Sourcemap’s work in tracking and verifying sustainability in industry supply chains. Sourcemap built the current Higg Index platform for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which is used by more than 200 fashion brands to benchmark social and environmental performance across more than 6,000 supplier factories worldwide.

GEC expects to launch the revised EPEAT Registry in January 2019.

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This Tech Startup Could Revolutionize The Fashion Industry With Its Latest Project [Forbes]

Sourcemap, a New York City tech start-up is building a platform, that could transform the fashion industry: a digital map of all clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh.

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Sourcemap travels to Dhaka to launch massive digital mapping of Bangladeshi garment factories

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The Sourcemap team travelled to Dhaka, Bangladesh last month to kick off the door-to-door census of every garment factory in the country: a Digital Ready-Made Factory Map of Bangladesh. Local data collectors equipped with mobile apps have begun to amass thousands of GPS-linked data points collected on the ground from factory owners, workers and organizations. As this data is fed into Sourcemap’s supply chain mapping and transparency platform, we will be able to provide global apparel brands and consumers with radical transparency in one of world’s largest garment producing regions.

The timing of the project is critical. April 24 will mark five years since the factory collapse at Rana Plaza outside Dhaka that took the lives of 1,135 people. North American and European apparel brands have already announced their intention to walk away from the safety tracking programs formed in response to the tragedy once they expire in May.  

Sourcemap is partnering with C&A Foundation and BRAC University (BRAC U) in Bangladesh to administer the survey. Together, we will create a new digital factory map that will democratize data collection and transparency by permanently transitioning accountability for factory improvements to Bangladeshis.  


“A big part of our commitment to have Bangladeshis own and control this data comes down to designing the right interface,” said Rhea Rakshit, Director of Design for Sourcemap. “The goal is to make it as simple as possible to collect data from factories on the ground, and then allow apparel brands and other stakeholders to gain access to it through an easy to use mapping platform.”

While on the ground in Dhaka, our team witnessed just how critical the garment industry was to Bangladesh. The industry employs approximately four million people. Alarmingly though, most workers report to factories that are invisible on the supply chain – even to the multinational brands ultimately purchasing their products.

The BRAC U survey will put each of these factories on the map. In addition to factory and worker statistics, types of products manufactured, the names of clothing brands that each factory manufactures for will also be captured. All data will be uploaded on Sourcemap cloud servers and visible to the public. Ultimately, this transparency will increase the accountability of brands, decrease risk to workers, and add value to Bangladeshi products.

Dr. Leonardo Bonanni, CEO of Sourcemap, remarked on the project, “The crowdsourced garment factory map promises to make the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ label an asset to apparel brands and a point of consumer pride worldwide.”

More than 2,000 factories have already registered for the new, Sourcemap-powered #HiggIndex platform!


We're proud to announce that more than 2,000 facilities have already registered for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's brand new Facility Environmental Module (FEM).

It's only been two months since Sourcemap launched a completely re-engineered

From the SAC:

The Higg FEM, optimized for use at an industrial scale, enables factories of any size, anywhere in the world, to assess sustainability performance and easily share results with supply chain partners.

The new is a powerful, scalable platform built on Sourcemap Enterprise software. It features a powerful, incredible fast user interface on elastic Amazon Web Services hosting with a slew of features to ensure universal access including with support for multiple languages and intelligent questionnaires that adapt to the needs of suppliers based on their industry and performance. We are well on our way to supporting the SAC's goal of targeting 20,000 facilities in 2018! 

Public registration is available at and a full guide is posted at

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Sourcemap Selected for Next Generation Higg Index

At Sourcemap, we believe that consumers have the right to know the social and environmental impact of products. That's why we're thrilled to have been selected as the new Higg Index platform, the leading suite of tools for measuring social and environmental sustainability across the apparel, footwear and textile industries. The Higg Index was developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a multi-stakeholder organization whose members include Walmart, Nike, H&M, the Gap - in all 190+ brands, retailers, manufacturers, NGOs and academic institutions around the world.

The platform represents a huge step forward in supply chain transparency, enabling companies to measure sustainability across their complete supply chains, with the goal to share the results with consumers in the near future.

"The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is thrilled to work with Sourcemap on the next generation Higg Index online platform.  Sourcemap will bring all of the diverse sets of sustainability information that SAC collects together and help usher in a new era of improvement and transparency for the apparel, footwear and textile industries.”  - Jason Kibbey, CEO, Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Sourcemap's work with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is rooted in a shared vision of collaboration across supply chains to bring about system-wide change. We are proud to work with the SAC and its members to steward the future of sustainable fashion.