Why Supply Chain Mapping?

See how your business is doing in one stunning visualization dashboard. Strengthen supplier relationships. Save money. Avoid Risk.
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Supply Chain Visualization

Sourcemap is easily the most flexible and easy to use supply chain visualization solution. Map the end-to-end supply chain automatically from your purchasing data. Link sites from raw materials to end customers. Search and organize by metrics and tags and instantly generate reports.


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Risk and Alerts

Identify the weakest link in your supply chain automatically through inventory mapping and TTR (time-to-recover). Receive automated alerts on disruptions affecting your suppliers. Measure your supply chain against risk probability heat maps. Learn more about Disruption Alerts and Risk Probability Heat Maps.

Sourcemap is a very powerful tool for a supply chain risk manager - especially if your goal is to go into the boardroom and very quickly show senior management an end-to-end view of your whole company.

Bruce Arntzen MIT Supply Chain Management

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Supply Network Optimization

See how your supply chains measure up in terms of cost-to-serve, lead time, and overall risk. Identify critical paths. Propose new supply chain network models and compare the scenarios side-by-side to find faster, cheaper, safer and more resilient options for your supply chain down the road.
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Supplier Social Network

Engage directly with suppliers to map the sub-tier supply chain. Send Requests for Information on Quality, Compliance, Conflict Minerals and more. Collect real-time data in the field via mobile surveys on smartphones and tablet computer. Reflect supplier performance through intuitive benchmarking dashboards, and report to stakeholders on KPI's in real time.


Sourcemap goes one step further in the long-standing approach we've had to help consumers know what they're eating.

Wood Turner Stonyfield Farm

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Wood Turner