Find Out How Thirsty Your Supply Chain Is with Sourcemap + the WRI Water Risk Atlas

Overall water risk 2020-2040 on WRI Aqueduct 2.1 

Overall water risk 2020-2040 on WRI Aqueduct 2.1 

The world has only so much fresh water - and it's not evenly distributed. The newest version of the World Resource Institute's Water Risk Atlas provides detailed statistics on water risk for every industry, under present conditions and in light of predicted climate change. That means industries who map their supply chains can quickly assess where - and when - to implement water conservation. Above you can see the spread of water scarcity in the Middle East; below the scores for a few hundred textile mills in South and East Asia. Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo.

Overall water risk scores overlaid on a supplier map on Sourcemap

Overall water risk scores overlaid on a supplier map on Sourcemap

Supply Chain Mapping 101 [Live Webinar]

If you've heard of supply chain mapping and you aren't quite sure how it's done, or just want to see it in action, this live webinar is your chance. 'Supply Chain Mapping 101' is being held on May 12th at 1pm New York Time. During the 15-minute presentation we're going to show you:

  1. What a supply chain map looks like 
  2. How to format data for supply chain mapping
  3. Some of the best metrics and KPI's to use for monitoring performance

Our webinar will show live examples of supply chain maps from several industries, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), automotive, and electronics. The presentation will be followed by a 15-minute chat Q&A. To register for the webinar click here:

Read our white paper on End-to-End Supply Chain Visualization

Most companies lack visibility into their supply chains, and this lack of visibility has clear implications for effective decision making, risk planning, regulatory compliance, planning and optimization.  This white paper describes how some of the largest biotechnology, pharmaceutical and apparel companies have improved their operations through visualization, with important benefits such as:

  • Finding out how accurate your data is
  • Tracing products from farm to table
  • Optimizing supply chains for cost, time, and service level
  • Identifying supply chain risks and opportunities
  • Monitoring every site, every shipment in real time

Be a Part of the Next Revolution in Supply Chain Transparency [survey]

Five years after introducing Sourcemap, we are preparing to launch a powerful new version of our free platform for supply chain transparency -  We're asking for you to help guide the development of the new platform and ensure that Open Sourcemap includes the information you want to know about the products you buy. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. 

See the results of the survey here