Time for Transparency in the Beauty Industry

We expect the products that make us feel good to be good: good for our bodies, our communities, the environment. And brands that demonstrate their products are good stand to gain market share from the next generation of conscious consumers. But it’s not enough to claim that products are safe and sustainable: brands and manufacturers need to prove it. That means going beyond business-as- usual and engaging with suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing standards are being met.

Fifty-one percent of consumers would switch to a new personal-care product if they were better able to understand what was in it.
— Label Insight Ingredient Confusion Study

What the beauty industry needs to focus on

Ingredient Transparency: Consumers are more likely to buy beauty products when they know and understand the ingredients contained within. That requires supply chain transparency.

Safety:  Consumers expect safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic beauty products, all without dependence on animal testing. Traceability is the only way to ensure that the ingredient chain of custody is unbroken and monitored.

Environmental Issues: Everything we buy, from soap and shampoo to the cardboard box it’s sold in, poses a risk to protected forests, sensitive waterways, and the air we breathe. What’s more, any wasteful process hurts the bottom line. Ensuring responsible sourcing means supply chain mapping and continuously monitoring supplier performance.

Labor Issues: Although less often publicized than other priorities, agricultural and manufacturing supply chains are rife with labor issues from low wages to unsafe workplaces and child labor. Codes of conduct only have teeth when all suppliers and sub-suppliers are monitored for compliance, with low performers periodically audited.

Authenticity: Counterfeiting is rife in the beauty products industry, and counterfeit products pose a risk to consumer perceptions across all of the previous priorities (not to mention the bottom line). Only traceability can prevent counterfeiting and smuggling.

WHAT can you do?

If you’re like the majority of beauty companies, you have too many suppliers in your extended supply chain to know them all, let alone visit them. We help companies manage these extended supply chains through a series of automated processes. Learn more by downloading our latest brochure or requesting a demo: