When Emailing Spreadsheets Won't Work

Extended supply chains are big, they change often, and the data you need keeps evolving. Rather than try and keep up, let Sourcemap's Supplier Engagement platform handle the work. It's a central secure repository where you can invite any supplier, any tier, to respond to and request for information, analyze and report on the results automatically.

Intuitive Supplier Surveys

Set up a data collection campaign, assign a survey template, and dispatch it to a group of suppliers, all from the platform, all within minutes. The key is a flexible, scalable supplier database in which each vendor can manage their own users - all mapped against the Sourcemap graph database that keeps track of who supplies who, with what.

Supply Chain Data Analytics

Use our automated big data analytics to monitor the progress of suppliers against internal goals, or let us configure automated workflows that take the process one step further - it's all available and quick to set up thanks to our dedicated product management team.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

See the results of standard reporting campaigns instantly (Code of Conduct, Conflict Minerals, Social Compliance, etc.) Configure your own business intelligence dashboards based on ad-hoc surveys. Share the results by inviting your colleagues online or downloading them to presentations.

World-Class Support

Sourcemap's supplier engagement specialists will be there every step of the way to train you and your suppliers, suggest best practices, and make sure supplier engagement meets the needs of all of your colleagues. Get started within 24 hours of requesting a demo.