Get Insight Into Your Supply Chain - Automatically

Now that you've mapped your supply chain, you can turn on Sourcemap's automated heat maps depending on the commodity and the risk you want to focus on, and the scores are calculated automatically. Use them to assess risks one time, or sign up for ongoing monitoring and we'll notify you when the risk scores change. Export the results at any time.

Compliance Made Easy

If your company has set science-based targets for water conservation, carbon footprint, energy, land use, then risk heat maps provide an easy way to benchmark your own and your suppliers’ facilities and prioritize them for engagement.

Market Intelligence

Using GPS and a unique name-matching algorithm powered by machine learning you can query any data against every supplier and location in the global network.

Agriculture Monitoring

Set alerts for temperature and precipitation anomalies and make certain your raw materials are going to be supplied months before the growing season ends.

World-Class Support

Sourcemap's risk specialists will be there every step of the way to train you, suggest advanced strategies, and make the best of your supply chain risk assessment. Get started within 24 hours of requesting a demo.