Get ready to know a lot more about the food you eat [Video]

When Sourcemap was launched by MIT researchers back in 2009, it was based on the far-fetched idea that consumers would one day scan products with their smartphones to learn what they're made of, and what their impact is. Soon consumers in the US will come a lot closer to knowing what's in the food they buy thanks to a new standard being introduced by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Starting in 2016, you'll see branded products with a smartphone-readable bar code (called a QR code) printed right on the packaging. These barcodes can link consumers to websites containing far more information than could ever fit on a product's packaging. The new standard - called SmartLabel - can be scanned from any smartphone, without the need to download a special app. In addition to product and brand information, the SmartLabel can provide information about whether the product contains allergens and GMO's. Hershey's is the first brand to adopt the standard: click here with your smartphone to see the SmartLabel for milk chocolate kisses or continue reading to watch the video.