Sourcemap is the leading provider of supply chain mapping, traceability, and transparency solutions. We build technology to trace products to their source, evaluating the social, financial, and environmental risks along the way. Our clients include category-leading global brands, manufacturers, and suppliers across the  food & agriculture, fashion, beauty, manufacturing and electronics industries. Our dynamic team is based in Lower Manhattan.

Chief of Staff

Sourcemap seeks a New York City-based chief of staff to support our productivity and growth through internal communications and hiring.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and owning the communications infrastructure including employee objectives, reviews, goals, and feedback

  • Hiring employees in sales, support, development, and beyond

The ideal applicant has:

  • Experience supporting the staff of a company growing from 10 to 20 to 40 to 80 employees

  • Experience in tech

  • Ability to work from our lower-Manhattan office part-time or full-time

Interested applicants should email with a resume and cover letter.

Data Analyst

Sourcemap seeks a New York City-based data analyst who will work closely with internal teams and with clients to consolidate, analyze, and report data from a variety of sources and systems.

What you will do:

  • Manage, organize, and analyze large volumes of data with Excel or other aggregation framework, such as MapReduce/Mongo Aggregation/R (from Sourcemap clients and third-parties)

  • Design and maintain a variety of client-facing dashboards, using proprietary Sourcemap data visualization tools

Who you are:

  • Passionate about building tools and leveraging data to solve the world’s problems

  • Exceptional analytical, quantitative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills

  • Proven ability to collate data from various sources and formulate coherent, actionable conclusions and recommendations

  • Highly proficient in Excel, including but not limited to conditional formulas, pivot tables, and vlookup functions. Experience with MapReduce/Mongo Aggregation/R are nice to have.

Interested applicants should email with a resume and cover letter.

Junior Sales Associate

Sourcemap seeks a New York City-based junior sales associate to support the sales team in reaching out to an ever-growing number of industry leaders.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating immaculate sales materials and proposals for applications in the food & ag, apparel, beauty, electronics, logistics and other industries

  • Prospecting for new customers and fielding inbound prospects with a brand- and mission-aligned communication style

  • Contributing to sales strategy

The ideal applicant has:

  • Passion about supply chains and sustainability

  • An eye for detail

  • Ability and interest to learn about any industry

  • Comfort working with customers located around the world

  • Initiative to discover issues and opportunities and propose solutions

Interested applicants should email with a resume and cover letter.

Senior JavaScript Developer

Sourcemap seeks a New York City-based senior JavaScript developer to build the technology that enables our clients to better understand their supply chains, driving radical change in their operations and the world. You will support our MEAN/MERN stack projects. We all work out of Sourcemap HQ in Lower Manhattan.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Proposing and collaborating with the development and client teams on technical solutions

  • Writing, updating, deploying and maintaining enterprise-quality code in multiple code bases

  • Seeking out improvements to existing code with self-driven initiative

The ideal applicant has:

  • Passion for building tools to solve the world’s problems

  • 3+ years of experience in Node

  • Web development experience, including agile methodologies

  • Strong core JavaScript proficiency with projects utilizing ES6/7

  • Familiarity with one or more MV* frameworks (React, Angular, Vue etc.)

  • Experience using GIT as part of a development team

  • Experience/interest in MERN/MEAN Full stack JavaScript

  • Strong organizational skills and an eye for detail

  • Ability to communicate technical concepts to a variety of audiences

  • A love of working in a startup tech culture and an inherent drive to turn young company challenges into new solutions

  • Bonus—Personal projects that show a passion for engineering, supply chains, and/or sustainability

Interested applicants should email with a resume and link to Github.