Sourcemap’s supply chain social network connects all of the suppliers and sub-suppliers in a global network
— Sustainable Brands
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Manage the Extended Supply Chain

If you don't know your end-to-end supplier network, you don't know your business. Supplier discovery is a new kind of supplier portal that connects direct and indirect suppliers, sites, shipping lanes and transactions for an up-to-date graph of your entire global operations. Don't let it surprise you - it only takes twelve weeks to on-board your entire supplier base.

The New Supplier Due Diligence

Supplier discovery provides the basis for the next generation of supply chain due diligence, whether you're reporting on conflict minerals, California Transparency in Supply Chain Act, UK Modern Slavery Act, French Vigilance… Before a shipment gets held up at customs, prepare a complete due diligence report with Sourcemap.

Engineer the Indirect Supply Chain

Reducing inventory, increasing resilience, eliminating defects, assuring delivery times - it can't be done without visibility to Tier-2. Savvy companies use the intelligence gathered during supplier discovery to fix their supply chains from the bottom up.

The Only Automated Solution

You may not think you have too many suppliers - until you start discovery. Sourcemap Discovery is ready to launch in under one week, and is the only software that automatically cascades invitations from Tier-1 to Tier-2, Tier-3, … , all the way to the raw material.

World-Class Support

Sourcemap's discovery specialists will be there every step of the way to train you, suggest advanced strategies, and make the best of your supply chain discovery. Get started within 24 hours of requesting a demo.