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Create end to end visibility with global control towers [CSCMP Panel]

  • Anaheim Convention Center (map)

Abstract: Complexity of global transport and logistics has increased. Can companies leverage a control tower (CT) to better manage their transport and logistics across the globe? What does end to end visibility mean and bring to a brand owner? Is a control tower the way to go? What are benefits and considerations to think about before implementing CTs?

Learning Objectives:

-Explore the scope of control towers, its benefits and how to sell a CT internally
-Analyze governance models and insourcing/outsourcing control towers and lifecycle management of a CT


Speaker: (Consultant) Patrick Haex, Managing Partner, Buck Consultants International

Speaker: (Shipper): Kerry Eby, VP Global Logistics & Distribution and Supply Chain Excellence Council Lead, Johnson Controls

Speaker: (Provider): Leonard Bonanni, CEO, Sourcemap

Moderator: Alexis Bateman, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics