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Managing the Ever-Changing Landscape of Global Trade [CSCMP Panel]

Abstract: Multinational supply chains are subject to constant flux from taxes and tariffs to currency markets and emerging regulations. At the same time new tools and business processes are making it easier to model and optimize supply chains on a regular basis. This session will consider the business processes needed to adapt to today's dynamic trading climate and bring to light potential risks and opportunities before they happen. Panelists will discuss experience from real-world applications of supply chain engineering to handle dynamic supply chains.

Learning Objectives:

-Discuss enterprise integration, supply chain visualization and third-party data feeds.
-Learn about business continuity planning, tariff and taxation optimization and real-time control towers/visibility.


Patrick Haex, Managing Partner, Buck Consultants International

Randy Briggs, Senior Commodity Manager, Otter Products

Tom Elliott, Senior Director, Pfizer Inc.

Leonardo Bonanni, CEO, Sourcemap

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